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"From start to finish, we were very impressed with Eagle Bronze's commitment to quality, craftsmanship and the ability to finish our project of six monumental bronze panthers on a timely basis."


– Jon Richardson,
President Carolinas
Stadium Corp.


Eagle Bronze Foundry


Eagle Bronze Foundry has been proudly casting in bronze and stainless steel since 1985. What had started as small family run bronze art casting facility, has now become one of the largest and most prolific stainless steel and bronze sculpture foundries in the world. Still family run, we continue to strive to implore these family values with a Christian outlook to serve our clients and staff with the utmost honor and integrity.


It is with this honor and integrity that we value and take pride in our personnel and our clients, the greatest assets we have. Eagle Bronze Foundry has always recognized that quality and excellence inherently merge with its people, products, and process. Eagle Bronze Foundry has a continuing dedication to the pursuit of excellence, which can be reflected by the outpouring of our service, quality and relationships.


Here at Eagle Bronze Foundry we feel that we have successfully done our job if we have translated your original sculpture, whether in clay, stone, marble, wood or metal, into bronze, stainless steel or resin. Our goal is to preserve the integrity of the original sculpture. With this goal in mind we invite and encourage our sculpture artists to participate throughout the entire process. Quality can only be achieved by having a working relationship with the artist and being attentive to the process each step of the way. Eagle Bronze Foundry commits to you, the artist, and an interactive relationship from beginning to end.


We also understand the importance of maintaining a professional, business-like approach throughout any project. We build lasting relationships based on professional communication, personal commitment, competitive prices and outstanding quality. With so much to offer and our dedication to the pursuit of excellence, Eagle Bronze Foundry is your premiere stainless steel and bronze art foundry!